What if my worker is already on WorkCover?

WorkCover Queensland has a panel of practitioner groups who are contracted to provide rehabilitation and return to work services for the Government. I am not one of those large groups. My services are not payable under the workers compensation schemes.

I recommend looking more broadly at your injury prevention strategy as an investment toward reducing workers compensation costs and losing productive time. 

Do you travel away from base (South East Queensland)?

I love to travel and meet new people and can travel anywhere in Australia. Reasonable travel costs can be negotiated.

How often should organisations be doing manual handling training? 

This depends on your injury profile, risks and budget. Take a look at your workers compensation claims as a guide. Some organisations with low manual handling risks can manage training at induction and as an annual/biannual refresher. Other higher risk organisations may require additional practical competency based assessments and local onsite trainers/champions.


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