The Manual Handling Collective is a videoed podcast series, made possible by the support of Haines Medical Australia. Haines are proud to help inspire you through this collaboration.  You will hear interviews with the ‘brains trust’ of amazing industry leaders in the occupational health and wellness community. As an ever-curious and passionate Manual Handling Educator and Physiotherapist, I invite my guests to speak frankly about hot topics.  Tune in to absorb the inspiration from their stories and keep up to date with the latest and greatest work and ideas in manual handling.

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The guests own opinions and views expressed in this podcast are not representative of their respective employers. Involvement in the podcast does not indicate support for any particular Haines product.

Series 1 2020

Episodes 1&2    Bariatric patient care with Stephen Morley and Tracy Nowicki 

Episodes 3&4    Pandemics and wellbeing with Tracy Nowicki and Dr Shahina Braganza

Episodes 5&6    Technology, the future and professional development with Scott Coleman and Pippa Wright

Series 2 2021

Epi 7 Sustainable Healthcare & Planetary Health with Professor Michelle McLean

Epi 8 Global insights from the 'patient handling utopia' of the Netherlands with Nico Knibbe

Epi 9 Best-selling author of The Manual Handling Revolution and SmartCare, Aideen Gallagher

Epi 10 Everything we touch has consequences, Infection Control expert, Marija Juraja

Episode 1 Aug 11, 2020

Safe Patient Handling Coordinator, Stephen Morley

Building organisational capability for caring for bariatric patients.

Simple, smart practical thinking when it comes to caring for bariatric patients throughout their hospital journey, including through to their end of life.

Episode 2 25 Aug, 2020

Clinical Care Consultant, Tracy Nowicki

Be inspired to ‘lift our game’ and build more workforce empathy for bariatric patients

“The Pressure Lady” inspires us through her stories of bariatric care to look to the future and take a more considered approach to bariatric patient admissions.

Episode 3 Sept 8, 2020

Clinical Care Consultant, Tracy Nowicki

Coping in a crisis: Impacts of Covid-19 for patient handling in an acute hospital

In this episode you will hear about: Empowering Covid-19 workers - wellness tips from the frontline; Hospital staff responses to Covid-19 disruptions; resilience strategies; changes on ‘the other side’ of Covid-19 and more.

Episode 4 Sep 10, 2020

Emergency Medicine Consultant, Dr Shahina Braganza

How do high performing medical teams in chaotic environments optimize their wellness for performance gains?

Connection is the foundation for optimizing team performance. What is the silver lining from Covid-19 for worker wellness? How does wellbeing link to preventing manual handling injuries? Hear how emergency doctors ‘do’ workplace wellbeing and secrets to reducing burnout and more.

Episode 5 Oct 6, 2020

Sports Physiotherapist and Founder of Preventure, Wearable Technology, Scott Coleman

Lessons from the sports fields for our frontline workers and the future of Manual Handling training using customisation technology and data.

Scott dives into manual handling injury prevention, including use of new, evolving manual handling technologies including the exoskeleton and augmented reality, why measure load rather than force and helpful lessons from sports science.

Episode 6 Oct 20, 2020

Chairperson (outgoing) of Australian Association of Manual Handling of People (AAMHP) and Director of Preventative Injury Planning Strategies, Pippa Wight

Pippa shares global lessons including the USA’s certification of safe patient handling professionals and encourages forward thinking attitudes toward collaboration.

Do you know what are your manual handling trainers' credentials are? How to set an attitude for success when dealing with WHS challenges and how you can get the best out of your own professional development.

Episode 7 June 2021

Professor Michelle McLean, Medical Educator, Bond University

Carbon Literacy in Healthcare and Planetary Health - Michelle inspires us to operate more sustainably and spread the word that planetary health = human health.

Why should healthcare professionals go greener?
Did you know? Australia’s healthcare system produces almost double the carbon emissions of the world’s average. Even the NHS in the UK produces almost half our carbon emissions.

Episode 8 Sept 2021

Nico Knibbe, Researcher & Educator, Locomotion, The Netherlands

If a patient handling utopia existed - it would be in The Netherlands.

Nico shares global insights from 33 years of experience preventing workplace injuries in healthcare. Follow all the free online resources for patient handling available for you, courtesy of the Netherlands government.

Episode 9 Oct 2021

Occupational Therapist, Author and Co-Director of RiskManaged, Aideen Gallagher

Getting it right together

Explore the symbiotic relationship between health professionals and equipment suppliers in getting equipment right. What's that role differentiation look like? How can we help each other to solve our patient problems? With a background in mental health O.T and two books to her name, enjoy Aideen's Irish accent as she takes us on a patient handling journey of discovery.

Episode 10 Nov 2021

Clinical Nurse Consultant, Infection Prevention and Control, Marija Juraja

If there was ever a time for prioritising the control of infection and workplace safety – that time is now.

This interview explores the strong connections between infection prevention and manual handling injuries in healthcare facilities.  We are all in this together.  Hear about research and audit results and how new materials and innovative equipment design can reduce infections and musculoskeletal injuries and improve operational efficiency, particularly with hospital cleaners.